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Our cinematography team is specialised in various kinds of shoots such as pre-wedding, actual day wedding, various events, corporate shoots and more. Besides, we have done shoots with various international companies such as Olaiya, Woodlands Sunny Foods, Shun Zhou Group, Rohde & Schwarz, MGM Macau and more, and have received positive compliments from our clients.


Aperture XXI photography team is a promising team that is able to combine passion and creativity in their photography work. Dealing with clients from numerous countries have helped the team to develop and express their creativity through the lenses.


Wedding, birthdays, private events, we provide your absolute solution by providing you the best service in Instant Print Photo Booth. With technology growing rapidly fast today, we are now able to deliver clients the photos immediately in high quality printed versions. Our instant print service includes props, photo sleeves, backdrop, unlimited photo prints.


Since the introduction of commercial UAV in the last two years, we’ve been ventured into aerial shoots and have looked into various kinds of drones to work with. The dynamic angle shooting from such high angles never fail to impress us and our clients, which gives us the drive to improve all the time. Our aerial team have done various aerial shoots with clients from not just Singapore but also from Thailand, Macau, Taiwan, Indonesia and more.

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Since 2012, we have seen players come in and out of the industry. We are here to stay. The most important value that we give to our happy couples is the assurance that everything will be done as they envisioned. We value our reputation as much as our clients do.

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