Established in the year of 2012, Aperture XXI has proved to be one of the most prominent photography & videography teams in Singapore. In this period of time since the start of the company, we have grown from basic coverage video team to a company that is well-equiped to go for projects of any scale. From personal events such as weddings, birthdays, private events; to viral promos and corporate productions, we are able to deliver the best that we could.

The revolution from Betacams to DSLR has haloed us in developing our team to be more handy and familiar with the smaller machine. The introduction of DSLR video shooting allowed us to produce better quality films and thus Aperture XXI is formed. Wedding has always been an important event to everyone as everyone will want their best moments of life to be captured at the best possible way. Our team is filled with creativity that will bring your stories to a whole new level and capture your best moments through our lenses.

Since the introduction of drones, we have been looking into the aerial shoots,  and have also dealt with various shoots not just in Singapore, but also in countries like Macau, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and more. In the short period of a year we have proved to be an experience team in handling aerial shoots.

Moreover, we also introduced Live Broadcasting in 2013 and is well received by our clients and audiences, having to broadcast events from Macau, China, Singapore to countries all over the world. 

From the day we started Aperture XXI, we never stop growing and never stop improving. Though we might be young, but we have the excellence and passion in our team that bring us to a high level in just a short period of time. 


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